From Backpacking to Beauty on Bald Rock.

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 Outdoor Lifestyle Photoshoot - Woman drinking coffee on a backpacking trip.

Hiking, Camping and and A Summer Dress

On a recent stock photo shoot at Bald Rock in Northern California I decided I would attempt to spend most of the day capturing outdoor lifestyle photos such as hiking climbing and camping, and then transition to a beauty/fashion style shoot at sunset. Due to the fact that are location was relatively remote I knew it would be a challenging shoot, but I have a talented crew, so I figured we could pull it off.

We made sure all wardrobe and hair/makeup decisions were made ahead of time, so we could limit the amount of gear we had to haul around the vast expanse of granite we had chosen as a location. We spent the afternoon and evening shooting the model enjoying various outdoor activities, and then we had a wardrobe and a hair/make up change to finish the day with a very different look.

We were rushed for time, but we managed to pull it off and get some great shots. Joel Fricker was there to capture a behind the scenes video which you can see below. He did a great job in less than ideal circumstances. This shoot was more challenging than most, but my crew nailed it. Thanks guys.

Model – Zoe Conkey-Wiebelhaus
Assistant – Reed McClure
MUA – Megan Rascka
Stylist – Bernadette North
Videographer – Joel Fricker


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