Paddle Board Shoot with Nikki Gregg and Sup Outdoor

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Paddle Board Photography with Nikki Gregg and Tahoe SUP

Rainy Day Fun at Antelope Lake

Antelope lake in Northern California was the location for a recent paddle board photo shoot with Nikki Gregg for SUP Outdoor. It was a cold and rainy Spring day, so we had the lake to ourselves. The passing storm made an excellent backdrop for our shots and we had a lot of fun capturing photos of Nikki and her two dogs on the newly redesigned Tahoe SUP Rubicon.

Photo Geek Technical Specs

The Fuji XT-1 handled the rainy weather really well. I wiped it off occasionally, but the weather sealing did it’s job. I primarily used the Fuji 50-140mm f/2.8 lens which is quickly becoming my go to lens for paddle board shoots, but I switched to the Fuji 18-55 for the wider shots. Most of the images were captured with natural light, but I used the LumoPro 180 strobe off camera with a translucent umbrella for fill on the first three shots below.

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