About Ben North Photography

Drunk Redneck Ice BathBen is semi reformed commercial photographer who can usually be found shooting in the mountains unless it is crazy cold then you will find him at lower elevations cuddled with other homeless photographers under a bridge. Sometimes he shoots for brands and agencies, but usually he  pays for his rot gut whisky and tent repairs by selling outdoor lifestyle photos, time lapses and fake pictures of big foot through stock agencies and production companies. Ben prefers to shoot in the great outdoors, but he will sell out in a heartbeat and go indoors if you offer him enough money.

Ben really hates writing in 2nd person, because it makes him feel like a jackass, so I am going to switch to 1st person now. Besides taking pictures, I occasionally write for outdoor websites that are desperate enough to lower their standards. If you have found this page because you googled me after being offended by an opinion I offered on a website, just remember I was probably drunk when I wrote it. If you would like to send me hate mail, please use the form on my contact page. I will print it out and read it to whoever I happen to be sharing a fire with on my next wilderness excursion and we will laugh at you even though you were probably right to be offended.

If you read the first two paragraphs of this about page, and still you think you might want to hire me to take pictures for your company, you probably have some discernment issues, but what the hell. Let’s shoot.

If you read the first three paragraphs of this about page and you still want to hire me to write for your website or publication it means your parents failed, but I won’t judge as long as you pay me.

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