Rural Lifestyle Shoot – Country Girl and Her Dog

 In Rural Lifestyle Photography

Country Girl in cowboy boots sitting on a front porch with her dog.

Mosquitoes, Hot Weather and a Super Hyper Heeler. Good Times.

Here are a few images from a rural lifestyle shoot I did with a great team over the summer. Unfortunately the day we chose for the shoot ended up being one of the hottest days of the year with temperatures over 103°F. We had a successful shoot in spite of the heat, and we managed to cover two locations. The first location was in a 19th century schoolhouse in Oregon City, CA and the 2nd location was the rice fields in Richvale, CA.

In spite of the heat and bloodthirsty swarms of killer mosquitoes that attacked us in the rice fields we had a successful day. Special thanks to Kat the Blue Heeler who seemed to be immune to the heat and managed to keep her energy level up when the rest of us were dragging.

ModelZoe Conkey-Wiebelhaus  Make up Artist – Megan Raschka Stylist – Bernadette North


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